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January 20, 2017

Weekend Tunes: David Frizzell, WCG, Jerry Jeff & Gary P.

One of the things that we at the Chicken are proud of is when people complement the music we play. Whether it’s some old school Willie Nelson or Jerry Jeff Walker to newer guys like William Clark Green and Jon Wolfe, the music of the Dixie Chicken is one of a kind.

So for your listening pleasure this weekend, we thought we’d give you a few songs that we play, so you can feel like you’re at the Chicken no matter where you are!

David Frizzell¬†“I’m Gonna Hire A Wino”

William Clark Green “Creek Don’t Rise”

Jerry Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn “London Homesick Blues”

Put those on your weekend playlist and you’ve got a good start to having the sound of the Dixie Chicken wherever you are!