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March 9, 2017

TBT: Don’s albums – Rusty Wier

Being right across the street from Texas A&M University, there hasn’t really been a lot of orange inside the walls of the Dixie Chicken, save for every other Thanksgiving until we joined the SEC and a healthy amount of visitors.

There is one thing in orange that was there with pride for many years!

A classic album from Rusty Wier in all of it orangeness was an album that saw some good play under the watch of Don Ganter.

As you can see, Don had a few of his favorites, including the title track.

Although we have to admit, we’re curious as to why “Daytime Drinkin'” wasn’t checked off. It’s one that certainly hits home with a lot of Dixie Chicken regulars!

There are hundreds of other albums that were mainstays at the Chicken over the years. We’re excited to keep taking a look through the archives and sharing them!