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February 23, 2017

TBT: Don Ganter playing dominoes

This is one of our favorite pictures around the office. A classic shot of our founder, Don Ganter, smoking a cigar, with a Lone Star beer, playing dominoes with his dog sitting beside him.

This picture just brings so many smiles for so many different reasons!

We wish we still had those awesome pinball machines around! It’d be a lot of fun to kill some time at the office with one of those bad boys.

Playing 42 at the Chicken really just started to give people something to do while hanging out. The love of 42 grew from there and has become such a staple.

If you’ve played a thousand games of dominoes at the Chicken, or have always wanted to, be sure to come and join us for our “42 & Brew” Tournament hosted by the National 42 Players Association on March 18th.

There is no pre registration, so if you want to take part, make sure you get there early that morning! If you’ve got any questions, you can hit us up about it on Twitter or Facebook.