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October 30, 2017

Don’s Albums: JJW “Driftin’ Way Of Life”

A couple of weeks ago, we were asked about a playlist of “old Chicken” songs like Don Ganter used to play in his record player. Since then, we actually brought a bunch of his old records up to the office, and it has been AWESOME to look through these old records. There is so much history and so much great music that we promise to do a better job of regularly sharing some if it with you.

We hope you enjoy the first gem we’re bring you today. This was in the first box we opened up.

Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Driftin Way of Life”

Oh man, how many times must Don have grabbed this album to play it throughout the late 70’s and beyond?! So much so, that the sleeve started falling apart, and he rigged it with the closest thing possible, a Dixie Chicken sticker.

This was Jerry Jeff’s second over record and recorded in 1969, hence the awesome wear and tear.

The album doesn’t feature any of his well known hits that you hear all the time today, but you can see the marks of the ones that Don really enjoyed.

The album kicks off with a sound that is undeniably Jerry Jeff Walker with the title track. Some of the songs have the classic JJW wit that many Chicken patrons have come to enjoy. If you want to take a listen, sorry, we can’t let you borrow this copy, but Spotify does have the entire album available!

Give it a listen with a cold beer and some dominoes and you might be able to imagine yourself back at the Dixie Chicken 40 years ago!