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May 4, 2017

Dixie Chicken Wedding Cake

Over the weekend we started getting tweets and messages about an amazing wedding cake that was modeled after a Dixie Chicken table. The cake was made for Hunter Cook, ’14 and his wife, Kailey Johnson Cook, ’14.

Wedding cake by Peace, Love, and Cakes.

Wedding cake by Peace, Love, and Cakes.

Yup, pretty amazing right?!

First things, kudos to Kailey for letting Hunter get a cake like this, she’s definitely a keeper!

We had a chance to talk to Steffany from Peace, Love, and Cakes about the cake. She said at first the bride and groom approached her talking about doing a YETI Cooler Cake but still wanted to think it over. On the second meeting, Hunter decided he wanted a Dixie Chicken table.

This is the picture the groom, Hunter, send to Steffany as the basis of the cake.

“The times and experience they have had at the Dixie Chicken are very important to them, you could tell. ” says Steffany. “I just love getting to be a small part of all that. It was such a pleasure making it for them. I just hope I did it justice.”

We think she did it more than justice. It’s truly an amazing piece of work.

It truly honors everyone at the Dixie Chicken that people choose to make us a part of their wedding celebrations. We are humbled every time we see something like this. Thank you to Hunter and Kailey for letting us be part of their very special day. We wish them years of happiness and love with a side of t-fries every now and again!