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September 11, 2023

Charlie Robison

What is there to say about Charlie Robison that hasn’t really been said since the world learned of his passing?

Charlie Robison made near-perfect Dixie Chicken music. Charlie and many other artists created a honky-tonk soundtrack that young Aggies, and visitors, surrounding domino tables could really rally around. Even now, a quarter of a century removed from the release of his Life Of The Party album, whenever ‘My Hometown” comes on, the Chicken is transformed into a sing-a-long karaoke.

If you’re ever out west son and you’re feeling like slowing down

I’ll see you around, around my hometown

In what was the biggest boom of Texas Music, Charlie was always right there. He was consistently one of the most talked about live shows at the time and helped inspire a lot of today’s young hitmakers. Many artists, both young and old, have paid their respects to Charlie and mentioned him as an artist who helped them fall in love with music.

Our own social media pages had lots of comments on what he meant to them and their time at the Dixie Chicken and beyond.

We asked our owners about their favorite Charlie Robison songs and here’s what they said:

Jennifer Ganter “Sunset Boulevard”: is just one of the best songs ever made. If you’ve ever had a broken heart, you understand what he’s feeling in this song.

And I’d spend all my money on caviar and cocaine
And I would not remember how you broke my heart today

Katy Jackson, “My Hometown”: I just feel like it encompasses the feeling we try to have at the Dixie Chicken for people. It embodies what the Chicken is all about.

They both also chose “El Cerrito Place” as another favorite of theirs. While it’s more lowkey than most of his other songs, the melody grabs you from the first piano note and the heartbreak continues to build until the very end.

God bless his family during this difficult time and we pray they know how much he touched our lives with his music. We’re so thankful for all that he gave us over the course of his career and will be here for the music he has yet to inspire from future generations.