Dixie Chicken - The Oldest Bar on Northgate

For a good time:


April 8, 2020

Dixie Chicken Backgrounds

The last few weeks have been, strange, to say the least. We’ve received so many messages across our social media platforms of people saying how much they miss the Dixie Chicken. Honestly, we could never adequately express just how much that means to us. For over 45 years, we’ve loved seeing the joy on people’s faces as they hang out and share a pitcher with friends, or a meal with family.

We figure if you can’t be AT the Dixie Chicken, we could offer you the ability to look like you’re at the Chicken in your meetings from home! Below are a few HQ pictures for you to download and be able to use as your Zoom, or other meeting apps, background. We hope you enjoy. Thanks and gig ’em!

*Click in the picture to bring it up in full view mode, then save it on your computer!